Focused on exploring gold projects in the highly prospective and under-explored Guiana Shield gold district.

Proven technical & management team with enviable track record of success in the Guiana Shield.


We at Reunion Gold Corporation believe that corporate social responsibility is about achieving a balance of preserving our environment, respecting our employees/contractor and communities, and returning value to our shareholders. Sustainability is not a cost of doing business; it is a way of doing business. We have been committed since our inception to operate responsibly.


We consider that our future success includes more than economic prosperity. It is tied to protecting the environment, safeguarding and developing our workforce, and making a positive impact in our locally affected communities. We also recognize that, in today’s business climate, the viability of our business as well as our reputation depends on being more sustainable and transparent.


Reunion values are further detailed in our Health, Safety & Sustainability Policy, which describes our commitments!


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