Figure G1 - Aremu North Project Location Map


Figure A1 - Schematic geological map of the Aremu North Project area

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Aremu North Project 


The Aremu North Project is located near Falls Top in the Cuyuni Mining District, at the confluence of the Cuyuni and Aremu Rivers, 95 km SW of Georgetown (Figure G1). Access is by helicopter, road, and boat.


Mineral rights and agreement


In December 2017, Reunion entered into an agreement with local entrepreneurs entitling it to conduct exploration activities and to acquire a 100% interest in the Aremu North project area of 2,554 acres in 13 medium-scale mining licenses for a period of six years. This Project is part of the portfolio being explored under the Strategic Alliance with Barrick Gold and is deemed to be held 50-50 with Barrick.


Geology and mineralization


The Aremu North Project lies along the contact of a granitic intrusion and volcano-sedimentary rocks of a Proterozoic-age greenstone belt (Figure A1). Small-scale miners have exploited the Project area for over 30 years, with most of the work confined to alluvium, colluvium and quartz stringers in bedrock saprolite.


Current Exploration


Reunion’s exploration team completed a stream sediment geochemical survey over the project area, defining several anomalous sectors. This work is being followed-up with geological mapping and regolith geochemistry. The entire area is also being covered by a detailed airborne magnetic and radiometric survey. The targets generated will be explored by trenching and diamond drilling in 2020.

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