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Gold Exploration Reunion Gold Drilling in Guyana


Discovering and developing gold deposits in the Guiana Shield 

The Guiana Shield remains one of the most prospective locations globally for the discovery of world class orogenic gold deposits. The countries of Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana all contain large greenstone belts, from which we expect many more significant gold discoveries to emerge in the coming years.  

The Guiana Shield is already well-endowed with substantial gold deposits. So far, at least 15 gold mines and deposits hosting at least 50 million ounces of gold have been recognized in the Guiana Shield.

Despite the geological prospectivity of this region, significant gold discoveries remain limited due to a lack of exploration.  This is the opportunity that we, at Reunion Gold, believe we can capture. 

"Guiana Shield: A world class orogenic gold district."

A track record of success in the Guiana Shield 

Successful exploration and the discovery of significant deposits in any given region require immense amounts of local knowledge and experience. This is the principle around which Reunion Gold has built its management team, many of whom can point to over 25 years of experience in the region and who have an excellent track record of discovery and development, including some of the best known gold mines in the Guiana Shield. 

Our business model

To capture the opportunities for gold discoveries in the Guiana Shield we engage in 3 core activities:

Prospect generation: Reunion has an extensive network of local contacts and decades of operational experience in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Our extensive local contacts, regional geological expertise and knowledge of the socio-political landscape in all three countries have positioned Reunion as a leading project generator across the Guiana Shield.

Exploration & discovery: Field geologists are backed by a technical management team with a successful track record in the region.

Resource & Project Development: With a project portfolio that includes advanced stage assets with defined mineral resources, Reunion aims to deliver projects ready for development through partnerships, capitalizing on the legacy of mine building ingrained in our management team.

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