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Reunion Gold drilling Team testing equipment with all safety gear in place

Environment, Health and Safety

Reunion Gold Corporation (“Reunion” or the “Company”) exploration activities are, in remote areas of the Guiana Shield of Northern South America. Reunion recognizes the challenges that this implies for the health and safety for its workforce and for the impact its operations may have on the environment and local communities. Reunion is committed to sustainable development and recognizes that long-term success is linked to our ability to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Reunion is committed to the protection of its entire workforce from injury and workplace related illness. Reunion will integrate continuous improvement in environmental and social performance and safe working practices into all their activities to preserve the health, safety and well-being of its workforce, local communities and the environment.

Health and Safety 

Reunion is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its people. The health and safety of Reunion’s employees, contractors and affected communities are essential to the long-term success of the Company. Reunion expects a strong commitment to health and safety from all employees and contractors, and every reasonable effort is made to implement best practice health and safety policies and procedures. To achieve this Reunion commits to:


  • Make zero injury safety culture a primary goal in all our places of work

  • Train and continually motivate our people to work in a safe and responsible manner, in line with company policies and procedures

  • Hold all our people and contractors accountable for unsafe working practices by making safe working practices a condition of employment and contracting

  • Ensure that all workers and contractors wear and use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times

  • Continuously review and improve our health and safety record

  • Assign employee responsibility and develop accountability mechanisms for health and safety performance within the Company, and motivate them to identify, assess and report on potential hazards to minimize and manage risks in the workplace

  • Thoroughly investigate accidents, incidents and near misses and implement procedures and policies in a timely fashion to prevent re-occurrence

  • Prepare for and maintain capabilities to respond to emergencies

  • Comply with legislation and regulations, and relevant industry standards


Reunion believes a commitment to sustainability from all its employees and contractors is fundamental to the long-term success of its business.

Reunion is committed to minimizing impacts on, and conserving the quality of, the natural environment in the areas in which it operates. To fulfill this responsibility, Reunion strives to:

  • Be vigilant in protecting the environment and seek ways to minimize environmental impacts in line with the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, mitigate, offset)

  • Proactively identify and manage environmental risks

  •  Promote responsibility and accountability of managers, employees and  contractors to protect the environment and local biodiversity through the development of internal management systems, and through the development of long term plans for reclamation and restoration

  • Make environmental performance an essential part of the management/contractor review and contracting process

  • Establish and maintain appropriate emergency response plans for all activities and facilities

  • Maintain a self-monitoring program at each project to monitor compliance and to proactively address plans to correct potential deficiencies

  • Thoroughly investigate environmental accidents and incidents and implement procedures and policies in a timely fashion to prevent re-occurrence

  • Comply with or exceed applicable environmental regulatory requirements

  • Observe reasonable best practices and adopt technologies that minimize impacts on the environment


 Reunion is committed to making a positive impact in our locally affected communities. Reunion will strive to:

  • Understand the local social, cultural, economic, political and institutional context in which it works

  • Conduct its business and operations in accordance with high ethical standards, transparency and fair dealing

  • Maintain open communications and cooperative working relationships with government, local communities and other stakeholders in the area where it operates, in a manner which is consistent, honest and transparent

  • Consistently respect human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples, local cultures and cultural heritage

  • Create locally adapted engagement and impact management plans

  • Challenge and encourage all employees and contractors to demonstrate leadership and commitment towards continual improvement in environmental protection, pollution prevention and community engagement

  • Encourage all employees, contractors and stakeholders to report to management any known or suspected departures from this policy


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