This early-stage project hosts significant gold anomalies in stream sediment sample results that were collected by the Guyana geological survey during the 1960s, among areas of historical artisanal gold mining.



The Kartuni Project is located within the Mazaruni and Cuyuni Mining Districts, some 165 km WSW of Georgetown and currently accessible via the Cuyuni River (Waikuri landing) from Bartica, and then by 4wd roads (Figure G1). The Project area covers a portion of the left bank tributaries of the Kartuni river.


Mineral rights and agreement


The Kartuni Project comprises a group of 31 medium-scale permits totaling an area over 36 thousand acres (over 146 thousand km2) held by a Guyanese entrepreneur. Reunion has entered into an agreement entitling it to conduct exploration activities and acquire the Project until August 2026. 


Geology and mineralization


The Project area overlies a sequence of metamorphosed volcanic and sedimentary rocks intruded by granitoids (Figure K1). These rocks are cut by NE, N and NNW-trending structures that seem to control the emplacement of gold mineralization, as reported by artisanal workings.




In late 2019, Reunion covered the Project area with a detailed airborne magnetic and radiometric survey. Reunion will review the results and determine if further work is warranted.

Figure G1- Kartuni Project Location Map

Figure K1- Schematic geology map of the Kartuni Project area (after GGMC)


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