Located due south of G2 Goldfield’s recently discovered mineralized shear zone reporting numerous gold drill intersects, the project area is underlain by volcanic and sedimentary rocks crosscut by north-south oriented faults and shears. These shears are related to local compression events that introduced gold mineralization along structures parallel to the basement contact at the eastern edge of the project area.



The Oko West Project is in the Cuyuni Mining District, some 95 km west of Georgetown and easily accessed by bush roads and trails from the city of Bartica or by boat using the Cuyuni river (Figure G1).

Mineral rights and agreement

The Oko West Project comprises an assembly of nine medium-scale mining permits covering an area of 9,420 acres, held by a Guyanese entrepreneur. Reunion has entered into an agreement entitling it to conduct exploration activities and acquire the Project until August 2026. 

Geology and mineralisation

The Oko West Project area are underlain by a greenstone assemblage of Proterozoic rocks of the Barama Group consisting of volcanics and clastic sediments intruded by felsic plutons, strongly deformed by at least one tectonic event, and metamorphosed to greenschist facies (Figure O1). Known gold mineralization appears to be preferably focused along structures at the contacts of volcanic and granitic bodies and have been artisanally mined in alluvial flats and pits in saprolite material. 


In 2019, Reunion completed geological mapping and the stream sediment sampling of relevant drainage in the Project area and recently covered the area  with a detailed magnetic and radiometric airborne survey.  Reunion will review the results of these programs and determine if further work is warranted.

Figure G1- Oko West Project Location Map

Figure O1- Schematic geological map of the Oko West Project area


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