WAIAMU Gold Project

Waiamu Gold Project Location Map

Waiamu Project Gold in Regolith
Map of regolith geochemistry anomalies and interpreted surface geology. Historical alluvial gold
workings are shown as orange stripes.
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Waiamu Gold Project (option to acquire 100%)

The Waiamu gold project covers approximately 57,346 acres in the Cuyuni River Mining District in northwest Guyana, approximately 140 km from the capital Georgetown (see map above). Access is by helicopter, road and boat via the Cuyuni River.

In May 2018, Reunion entered into a definitive agreement with respect to the Waiamu project entitling Reunion to conduct exploration activities and to acquire a 100% interest in the project during an initial period of five years with possible extension of up to two additional years.

Geology and mineralization

The Waiamu project is underlain by a NE-trending clastic sedimentary sequence, which includes interspersed mafic volcanics and pyroclastic units typical of the Guiana Shield greenstone belts of Proterozoic age. The sedimentary sequence has been deformed and metamorphosed. This sequence hosts numerous artisanal gold workings, with gold-bearing quartz veins often forming dense “swarms” with significant volumes. The current owners are carrying out artisanal gold mining in the weathered cap of two prospects using contractors.

Exploration program

A comprehensive exploration program including line cutting, prospecting, geological mapping and regolith auger-sampling was initiated in February 2018. Historical regional airborne magnetic surveys have been compiled, reprocessed and interpreted, showing the presence of several NW-SE trending structural corridors transecting the project area, one of which, to the west, appears to be the southeast continuation of the Aurora mine structure. Another parallel structure to the east passes adjacent to a large artisanal gold producing pit, which also coincides with a magnetic anomaly of unknown source.

The 400 m by 50 m-spaced regolith sampling program has defined at least seven areas with anomalous gold values, independent from known artisanal prospects. The sampling of tailings and pit walls in such historical and current artisanal prospects has given encouraging multi-gram gold values. The Reunion’s exploration team is compiling the results of the ongoing exploration work and identifying targets for a drilling program, which is underway.

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